Halloween Vaccine Stickers for Kids

Halloween in October
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Get a roll of 250 high quality stickers and change the world from bottom – up!

 1) Thousands of the student Vaccine Liberation Army Stickers were given out and received as “awesome” by all the neighborhood kids.

2) Or ….Give the roll to your son or daughter to distribute on Halloween at school makes them the most popular kid for the day. Every kid collects stickers!

3) My personal experience of standing on the corner of a HS or middle school when kids are being let out of school is overwhelming…like a bird frenzy...the kids want as many as I can give them. And I do give them as many as they want… I ask them to share with their friends ( infiltrate).  It takes just one hour and all the stickers are gone..gone..gone…and you have no feelings of rejection.  It is a blast!

4) Remember kids don’t want to be vaccinated with a needle.  They are the future. Let’s educate them and they will resist the darkening of the light and they will teach their parents.

We love these stickers…on skateboards, on bikes and books (and face)?
Best regards,

Eileen Dannemann
Director, National Coalition of Organized Women

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