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Curing disease, degenerated discs, knees, MS, Parkinson with your own stem cells derrived from fat tissues.  This is a must watch! This research threatens big pharma!


FAT Cell vs. Bone Marrow Cells as source for Stem Cells.

A discussion



Remember what the USA did to Vietnam with Monsanto’s chemical warfare...AGENT ORANGE?  This documentary will help you remember as the US attacks Syria for alleged use of chemicals in warfare…

Chau, Beyond The Lines *****

And what repercussions did the United States sustain when we dropped chemicals over the Vietnamese? The USA has the nerve to attack Syria on the grounds that it used chemical weapons. This documentary (2015) is a must for all to remember who was the master initiator of chemical and biological warfare?

VAXXED, the movie: Nurses, Physicians and Parents reactions


Since it’s release and the subsequent controversy, the film has been heralded by many who probably would have never taken the time to watch it if it weren’t for the controversy, and has helped to push this critical issue closer into the spotlight of mainstream awareness.

Excerpts: VAXXED-Reactions-1-300x169

“I did not fully vaccinate my children because I strongly believed there was a link towards autism. Pretty much in the background, we don’t vaccinate our own children; but unfortunately, those in family medicine, pediatricians, it really affects their practice and their revenue. I took an oath to do no wrong, and that’s it.” Dr. Joshua Morton I, MD, MBA


The Great Replacement (EU)

Paul Joseph Watson (infowars) on George Clooney and the Migrants


BRILLIANT dialogue between Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux on MIGRATION (THE GREAT REPLACEMENT)


Italy poised to give bonuses to increase Italian birth rate. Read more..

Review of VAXXED-***** 5 stars Govt. officials target more Nation’s film festivals drop VAXXED

attends the RFK Ripple Of Hope Gala at Hilton Hotel Midtown on December 16, 2014 in New York City.

Robert De Niro Strongly Threatened By A Powerful Authority For Revealing The Truth On Vaccines

Article Read….


Powerful forces threaten Houston film festival to pull VAXXED documentary… ‘heavy handed censorship’ by government officials who resort to financial extortion to shut down public screening

VAXXED documentary

“Very powerful forces against this project…”

It is now confirmed that powerful forces are threatening any film festival that dares show this explosive documentary

HOUSTON FESTIVALS: Now, in what is being described as “criminal conduct and extortion,” the Chairman of TEAM WORLDFEST in Houston describes how his film festival was aggressively threatened in a criminal manner by government officials to pull the film:

“After very threatening calls late yesterday (Monday) from high Houston Government officials (the first and only time they have ever called in 49 years) – we had no choice but to drop the film. Heavy handed censorship, to say the least… they both threatened severe action against the festival if we showed it, so it is out. Their actions would have cost us more than $100,000 in grants”.



Putin on One World Order


Putin to Western elites: Play-time is over  Speech

Putin’s speech at the Valdai conference in Sochi, Oct. 24, 2014. This is probably the most important political speech since Churchill’s “Iron Curtain” speech of March 5, 1946.

Sample excerpt:

“Let’s ask ourselves, how comfortable are we with this, how safe are we, how happy living in this world, and how fair and rational has it become? Maybe, we have no real reasons to worry, argue and ask awkward questions? Maybe the United States’ exceptional position and the way they are carrying out their leadership really is a blessing for us all, and their meddling in events all around the world is bringing peace, prosperity, progress, growth and democracy, and we should maybe just relax and enjoy it all?  Let me say that this is not the case, absolutely not the case”.

“Instead of settling conflicts it leads to their escalation, instead of sovereign and stable states we see the growing spread of chaos, and instead of democracy there is support for a very dubious public ranging from open neo-fascists to Islamic radicals.”