Trump’s Administration (Pompeo/CIA) planned to assassinate JULIAN ASSANGE (Interview)

VLA COMMENT: This is an interview with Julian Assange’s recent wife and mother of his two children. She is also an attorney. Assange, if extradited to the US would be charged under the same law (The espionage act of 1917) that the warrant for the search (raid) of Trump’s home at Mar a lago was issued.

The treatment of Assange as a publisher exposing wrong doings by a government has huge implication for all free journalists.

Aside from censorship of all thought that opposes the government/media narrative, this destroys free and investigative journalism as a balancing force in democracy. Democracy is dead. Totalitarianism, transhumanism, artifical (alien) Intelligence is now thoroughly rooted in this timeline. Prepare to meet the Eschaton.

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