TRUMPTAC & Press Release on Vaccines for Midterm Elections


Powerful Voter Block to Push Trump Aligned Candidates Over the Edge #TrumpTAC (Trump Aligned Candidates video)


The thousands of parents and families concerned about vaccine safety represent powerful voting blocks in every state. As with the 2016 election these constituents have the organizing power to push Trump aligned candidates to victory. Today, 69 vaccine doses are mandated for K-12 school attendance, some of which have not been evaluated for safety or efficacy in over a half of a century. The National Coalition of Organized Women is requesting a written statement from all Trump aligned candidates (#TrumpTAC) showing support for the President’s position on vaccines and his intention-by sponsoring a bill that creates an independent Vaccine Science and Safety Commission. The commission will investigate every mandated childhood vaccine for risks, benefits and cost-effectiveness, in light of current vaccine science.

We estimate that among our various groups nationally, that we have somewhere in the neighborhood of 500,000 parents and families who have voiced concern about the safety of vaccines. These voters are spread across the 50 states. TRUMPTACPressReleaseFinal


Post this link in facebook and send through our networks requesting that our supporters

Message: Call RNC Washington DC

Call: Ronna McDaniel:  202 863-8500  hit option #9 and then #7

Request that Ronna McDaniel, chair of RNC contact Eileen Dannemann, Director of National Coalition of Organized Women 319 855-0307 to set up and apointment

You can email as well and include  PressRelease

and Eileen Dannemann’s contact information: 319 855-0307 or

Sorted By State List of Trump TAC Candidates

TrumpTAC Candidates EMAILS, TACemails CUT AND PASTE




4 thoughts on “TRUMPTAC & Press Release on Vaccines for Midterm Elections

  1. CAWS

    It’s been 3 years and Trump has done NOTHING about this issue. After Bill Gates told him it was not an issue ;Trump has never spoke of it again. These are old tapes and false promises like everything else he does. The only way we will get this stopped is with class action lawsuits which cost tons of money. Bobby Kennedy Jr [D] has been at the forefront of this for decades. Help him.

  2. Editor Post author

    He and Melania have a personal problem … not wanting to have Barron the target of vaccine injury of which he had when he was a toddler. Obviously, Melania took up “Bullying” as her cause because Barron was having trouble in social situations when young. Trump is very possessive of his children and certainly Melania is as Barron is her only child. Obviously Trump’s other children with other mothers did okay with vaccines. I hypothesize that Melania is one of the 10% Caucasians that is missing the significant enzymes that methylate the xenobiotics in the vaccine excipients. All infants have immature Liver enzyme system and therefore all infants are injured to some degree. Check out our room on this issue: I suggest that the strategy is to get Republicans into the majority of State Legislature on the basis of “family values, parental rights and Religious freedom”

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