Cause of Autism & Psychosis: The Detox link between Round Up (GMO) Foods and Vaccines-Cytochrome P450


Read Eileen Dannemann’s layman’s article on Cytochrome P450, Vaccine Injury and Round Up ready crops.

Read recent study

Stephanie Seneff (MIT) published research on glysophate


Cytochrome P450 Immature In infants and Children

Another thing to consider is that cytochrome P450 is “maturing”. That is this major gene and detox pathway of the human body is not “mature” in the infant or child. Hence, every child that is vaccinated has a variation in their ability to clear out the toxins whether it is mercury, aluminum or other toxic elements of the vaccines.


Very interesting to note is that Cytochrome P450 also regulates glutathione – found depleted in Autism cases.

Mercury & Aluminum

Inhibits Cytochrome P450, the major detox pathway in human and plants

Glyphosate (Round Up & GMO foods)

Glyphosate (Round Up) interferes in Cytochrome P450 2D6 metabolism. Patents will show that the dual program of Round Up and GMO seeds has much to do with Cytochrome P450 in plants just like in humans.  Hence, the study’s implication that glyphosate is a contributor to Autism and psychosis in as much as it inhibits the functioning of Cytochrome P450 which is necessary to metabolize toxins such as vaccines ingredients and the subsequent psyche drugs that are being pushed on kids with ADHD, OCD, Autism etc.

VLA comment:  If you search Monsanto’s patents for Round up and GMO seeds and drugs like Respirdal you will see that they both implicate Cytochrome P450 as the detox pathway necessary to detoxify toxins out of the body.

School Shootings:

Without a functioning Cytochrome and its subsets our kids and soldiers are becoming psychotic.

Dr. Seneff estimates that 1 out of 2 children will be born on the autism spectrum in 2025.


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