Iboga, Ancient Ceremonial Plant from West Africa-Addiction cure without withdrawal/decalcifying the Pineal Gland

Psychedelic Plant Medicine – Natural Depression treatment by using the Iboga plan.   The Ibogaine treatment overcomes  addiction to Opiate, pain pills, Oxytocin, etc. caused by early trauma that Iboga gets you in touch with.

Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center in Cancun, Mexico

One of the culprits to the endless poverty, warfare, and illness in society today lies in humanity’s collectivedisconnection from their soul and their true divine nature. The key to awakening from this destructive dream lies in the pineal gland, a crystalline, cosmic antenna integrating multidimensional life-source into our five sense reality. Throughout the past few decades however, fluoride and other toxins have calcified this soul-gate, blocking many human beings from their divine guidance and limiting their personal power.

Iboga is an ancient shamanic plant medicine derived from the root bark of a curious tree, the Tabernanthe Iboga, which has been used for millennia by the Bwiti tribe of Equatorial West Africa as a ceremonial sacrament. Taken for its vast physical and psychological healing properties and as a right of passage and introduction to the spirit world, it opens the third eye and awakens one to their true spiritual nature. When ingested, the spirit of the plant awakens, projecting a celestial film within the mind’s eye of the initiate, teaching experientially through holographic vision and divine dialog. Also ridding the body of mind-numbing toxins, and freeing the mind from detrimental programming and limiting beliefs, this plant medicine offers serious promise as a tool for Western seekers in our collective quest to break free from the matrix and reconnect with Mother Earth.

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