Sallie Elkordy: Halloween Night


by Sallie O. Elkordy

“Tonight was extraordinary. I opened the door and looked down the block to see a woman being dragged by a tiny witch with all the determination she could muster. She passed by twenty houses decorated for Halloween and then turned up my walkway and came straight to my door. I greeted them and said to the tiny witch, “I have stickers for you.” She took them and held them up to her mother and said, “SEE”. These were Vaccine Injury stickers. I gave the mother a flyer about vaccine injury and she told me that she was expecting it as I had given her one last year.  This child gets my vote for effective communicator of 2012. She was only a tiny spot of a thing, but she knew good advice when she saw it”!!!

1 thought on “Sallie Elkordy: Halloween Night

  1. Sallie O. Elkordy

    Thank you Eileen for including me on your website. This is the third year running I will be distributing the Vaccine Liberation Army’s stickers on Halloween. The children love them and they are healthy in two ways: as instruction not to vaccinate and as an alternative to the GMO candy everyone else will be distributing. If anyone wishes to help my mission of mercy to “BAN VACCINES 2013”, please join my FB group by the same name and visit my blog to get active right away.

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