HPV Vaccine for 11 year olds…OBSCENE CDC PROPAGANDA

VLA Comment: This CDC propaganda is OBSCENE. Our video GARDASIL PRIMER explains that out of the hundred HPV strains that most sexually active gals get…almost all are SELF CLEARING. The CDC used to push this on young women but found that if a sexually active woman (who has most likely gotten a strain and self cleared) are given this vaccine there is a 44.6 % increase in the chances they would develop cancerous lesions. That is why they are now pushing it on 11-12 year olds.

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1 thought on “HPV Vaccine for 11 year olds…OBSCENE CDC PROPAGANDA

  1. Desiree Rover

    Hear the grinning traitor Bill Gates say it out loud about vaccines:
    “We could reduce sickness, we could reduce population growth…”
    The truth is shining through in his endless word crap.
    And he has not done his homework very well, for Andrew Wakefield
    has been rehabilitated, he was right all along that vaccines cause autism…
    Keep compromising yourself, Billy! You are doing great!

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