Paul Offit VACCINE PROPAGANDA Film national launch in Washington DC “INVISIBLE THREAT”


Invisible Threat Trailer from CHSTV Videos on Vimeo.

The “National Launch” of Invisible Threat – a film promoting the world’s most aggressive vaccine program – will be screened in the nation’s capital today. The screening will be hosted by Every Child By Two (ECBT), which has received millions of dollars from five of the largest pharmaceutical companies. Even high school teachers have joined forces with a vaccine industry front group to promote the film.  Read more…

VLA comment:
Sometimes I think that the CDC, in propaganda like this, does more to help wake up parents! The CDC is really getting desperate these days as parents wake up to the dangers of an overly ambitious vaccine schedule which now recommends 4 vaccine doses “in uteros” without any basis in science and 49 more vaccine doses by the time the child is 6 years old. Give me a break!!! We have films too…check out our personal vaccine injury stories:

3 thoughts on “Paul Offit VACCINE PROPAGANDA Film national launch in Washington DC “INVISIBLE THREAT”

  1. Janet

    I am 62 years of age. I have had the smallpox vaccine and also the Polio sugar cubes. I feel my immune system is much stronger than these poor children of today. I have had all the childhood diseases and I am still here today. I did get shingles because my cousins got vaccined with the chickpox vaccine and I was exposed to their live crap. I used vinegar for a week to help myself. It worked. I believe in building the immune not compromising the immune.

    The LORD sees what is going on. For any Christian to buy into this sorcery is beyond my comprehension. Look at all the over dosing of the teens and general population. Need I say more.

  2. Tom

    The only propaganda is from the anti-vaccine community. Zero dollars and/or support was supplied by pharma. For all those eastern-medicine and anti-vaccine promoters, here is something to chew on: What is the average lifespan today for men and women (non-third world countries) and what was it 200 years ago? The trend has long been an increasing lifespan. Why? MODERN MEDICINE

  3. Editor Post author

    Not any more. We are being cut to pieces. The second most cause of death for children is cancer. As Dr. Bart Classen, former NIH researcher states…”We have not improve health. We have changed the disease mix. We have exchanged infectious disease for chronic illness. And how do you account for the most vaccinated country in the world with private and social service medicaid has one of the lowest infant mortality rates. (rated as low as 36)? We are talkin about INFANTS, who haven’t gone out into the environment yet. The 1000lb gorilla in the room is that they are vaccinated now with 4 vaccine doses, in utero and 20 more in the first few months. Where is the common sense to inject 53 vaccine doses into a child by the time they are six years old. Think man!

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