2 thoughts on “Homelessness: Hidden video-What a homeless person does given $100.00?

  1. roger mason

    what a bunch of crap! give a homeless person money and
    they buy alcohol and/or drugs. then maybe some junk
    food. the money evaporates within hours.
    i will buy a homeless person food, but will not give
    them money. experience taught me!

  2. Editor Post author

    Well, each individual is going to do their thing. If a homeless person who is a drug addict gets a donation and he finds comfort in drugs…then that is okay too. Why should we judge or decided what he should do with his gift. Perhaps, we would benefit most by giving the gift selflessly, not dictating, expecting or demanding how it is used. Unfortunately your experience “taught you” a feeling of burden and skepticism. But it was not the fact that the homeless man used your gift to buy drugs or alcohol but the burden you now carry is your contraction caused by your own expectations and not giving the gift freely. Hence you have the burden of skepticism and distrust. Self knowledge is awesome.

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