CDC WhistleblowerThompson Apologizes to Dr. Andrew Wakefield


“I apologize again for the price you paid for my dishonesty…”–CDC Whistleblower Dr. William Thompson to Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

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Wakefield- “Is the Press Release real”?
Thompson:  Yes!
Wakefield: “Thank You.  It was the right and honorable thing to do”.
Thompson:  “I agree.  I apologize for the price you paid for my dishonesty”.
Wakefield: “I forgive you completely and without any bitterness”.
Thompson: I know you mean it and I am grateful to know you more personally.

The last desperate effort when the CDC whistle blower story broke last week was for the vaccine establishment and media to drive a wedge between Dr. Thompson and Dr. Andrew Wakefield, whose “fraud” (according to British journalist Brian Deer) has been made to carry the sins of the entire vaccine industry for many years. Dr. Wakefield shared two text messages with The Truth Barrier that he and his wife received from Dr. Thompson.

The first one was to Dr. Wakefield’s wife, Carmel, and it read: “I do believe your husbands career was unjustly damaged and this study would have supported his scientific opinion. Hopefully I can help repair it”.—Text exchange between Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Dr. William Thompson,  Aug 27, 2014

Polly Tommey, Director of Autism Media Channel, told The Truth Barrier there are more whistle blowers trying to find the courage, and or, the legal protection, to speak.

“There are more whistleblowers coming out,” she said. “We know who they are and we’ve spoken to them. They’re petrified. These sources make Thompson pale in comparison, some of them. They know the MMR is a massive problem, data has been corrupted, they’ve been told to hide things…”

Comment: One guy spoke about Gardisil. He said, ‘You can forget about MMR—Gardisil is one of the biggest crimes ever. 144 girls or something have died already. Thompson is only the beginning. “

6 thoughts on “CDC WhistleblowerThompson Apologizes to Dr. Andrew Wakefield

  1. Dr Viera Scheibner

    Hopefully this all will start a landslide. People must realise that vaccines do not prevent any diseases, all outbreaks and epidemics occur in the vaccinated. The effect of all vaccines is characteristic but not specific to any one vaccine. That is a reflection of one of the best documented phenomena in medicine – the non-specific stress syndrome. It also means that all vaccines affect the digestive system, two months old babies had ulcerated flattened villi similar to the effect of MMR. They would only have been given DPT (DaPT) and polio vaccines. This has been published already in the eighties.

    When looking at autism one has to look at all vaccines given before MMR. The damage started with the first dose of all the other vaccines such as DPT (DaPT), polio, and all the other multiple vaccines.

    Individual vacines are not safe and certainly not effective. A baby may die from a dose of a single vaccine. Many die from HepB vaccine given at birth.

    Parents should educate themselves and exercise their legal right not to vaccinate. They must realise that they are not safe: when a baby dies or remains permanently damaged by the administsred vaccines, they may be accused of causing the death/damage. The infamous shaken baby syndrome. Thousands of innocent parents/carers are rotting in prisons for the crime that those who vaccinated their child committed. And they are the trusting and compliant parents. Try to please the devil and he will re-pay you by giving you hell.
    Enough is enough.

  2. Jan

    Makes me wonder if cases of cot death are vaccine related.

    Pharmaceutical companies have also tried to hide the devastating effects that some vaccines have had on pets as well, and would still like cats and dogs to be boostered yearly, even though evidence shows that most of these vaccines will last for the life of the animal.

  3. Jenny Godard

    Dr Wakefield is a strong man, a lesser man would have been broken, I hope he lives to see the day when the truth is out there for the whole world to see.
    When that happens, vaccinations will disappear from the doctors surgery forever, all of them, because total trust will be gone for ever.
    If they had been honest and stopped all MMR vaccines until they had ran more tests, they may have saved so face, but to late now.
    We can all see how ruthless they are at suppressing any one who speaks out, by destroying there life and work.
    Many mothers will find great comfort from this, know in there hearts all along, there baby was damaged by a vaccine and then utterly dismissed by the medical community.
    Revenge is sweet.

  4. Editor Post author

    SIDS (cot death) is ABSOLUTELY related to vaccines. They get vaccines and they can’t lift their heads when they are on their tummies and their respiratory mechanism is compromised with all the inflammation to the brain center. That is why in the last decade parents are freaked out about putting their kids on their tummies because the Dr. says cot death is caused by putting the kid on the stomach. And Shaken Baby is caused by parent violently shaking their babies. It is caused by the vaccines causing encephalitis and the capillaries start bursting at the slightest movement. Tell this myth about tummies and shaking to the peasant who threw the kid on her back the same day she pumped him out and shook him while she picked cotton.

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  6. Jessica Denning

    Please correct spelling of the word in the title: appologize to apologize.
    A great article!!

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