2 thoughts on “Catherine Austin Fitts: Summary of the Whole Situation/Banking, Transhumanism, Vaccines, Digital control

  1. Charlie

    Fitts was mere window dressing at Dillon Read and she is so poorly informed she cannot even provide a list of DR personalities who were members of The Pilgrims Society, instead she focuses on telling you that you’ve been “financially harvested” so her answer to that blow is to deliver another blow to you, to harvest your money for her Sunburn Report. Do not send one cent to any newsletter subscription peddler! Instead buy some silver dimes, storable food, or ammo. Help yourself, not the money grubbing Personality Popularity Profile Parade. Also the hundreds of pages long two part series “Pilgrims Society Vaccine Nightmare” which appeared at Silver Market News Online, was totally dissed and ignored by the bodily integrity crowd, despite that none of them including Bigtree and Kennedy can even scratch the surface of the Secret Society that is closing in on owning everything.

  2. Editor Post author

    I am interested in reading the Pilgrims Societ Vaccine Nightmare…can you send a link? Also…do you know that CM Lieber, the Nanotecnology expert at Harvard was arrested when Covid began saying that he was working with the Chinese on “Batteries”. He and his father, etc. are Pilgrim Society. I think they pull him out of circulation as he is a important part of the covid/nano bioweapon technology. I can send you my notes…email me at Ncowmail@gmail.com

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