10/08/13 NY Times: Hawaii: GMO Breeding Ground

hawaiiExcerpt: The companies are supported by those who say the seed business is vital to the economy. Seeds are Hawaii’s leading agricultural commodity, contributing $264 million to the economy and 1,400 jobs, according to a study commissioned by the companies.

 “Almost any corn seed sold in the U.S. touches Hawaii somewhere” in its development, said Mark Phillipson, an executive of Syngenta, a Swiss seed and agrochemical company. Mr. Phillipson is also president of the Hawaii Crop Improvement Association, which represents the seed companies.

VLA comment:  I wonder what the income from total “Tourism” Hawaii Sets Aug. Record With $339M Hotel Revenue…which they will lose by & by keeping on this GMO track. Unfortunately right from the beginning in Congress, corporations like DuPont asked for support to make Hawaii their seed breeding ground.  They told Congress at a hearing that it was very important to the overall plan to have Hawaii.  The overall plan is Global governance and Global currency of which the United States will have a big piece of the currency pie which will be organized by “resources”  because the US has strategized over the years to own the world food supply.  Which is more important to our government and the global elite – vacationing in Kauai smoking a joint or money?

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