3 thoughts on “Anti-Fluoride Victory in Portland Oregon: No fluoride wins 60% to 40%

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  2. Désirée Röver

    It was by the efforts of physician Hans Moolenburgh and his team that in the Netherlands in 1971 fluoride was banned by law from ever being present in the municipal tapwater! Since then, he has assisted several other countries to be victorious too!
    Of course, the true quality of today’s tapwater is not much more than washing machine grade, because of the contamination with the frequency information of all the stuff that we ourselves put into the surface water, which then is endlessly being re-used: prozac, viagra, beta blockers, ace inhibitors, the contraception pill hormones, pesticides, industrial chemical waste, etc. …
    Dr. Hans Moolenburgh (1926) wrote a book about his monumentous battle in the Netherlands against scientific liars, corporatists, politicians: “Fluoride, the Freedom Fight’, 1987, ISBN 9781851580408
    Fluoride is part of the global agenda to make us all sick, stupid and sterile.
    Therefore, it’s in the chemtrails too!

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