20130509_inq_offit09-aCDC’s Dr. Paul Offit bases his end to religious exemptions on cases such as this:  In 2009, Herbert and Catherine Schaible chose prayer instead of antibiotics for their 2-year-old son, Kent, who died from bacterial pneumonia. The Schaibles received 10 years’ probation. Recently, their 8-month-old son died without medical care. Their other seven children have now been removed from the home.  Were they Christian Scientists?

In 2002, an anonymous caller alerted authorities to the neglect of 9-year-old Benjamin Reinert. Benjamin’s father, Paul Reinert, was a member of Faith Tabernacle. Child-protection workers visited twice and instructed the father to seek medical care if the boy’s condition worsened. One day later, Benjamin Reinert was dead. An autopsy revealed that the boy had died from a treatable form of leukemia.

VLA comment: Compare these generally uncommon cases to the thousands and thousands of deaths, paralyses, narcolepsy neurodegeneration, autism, angelman’s syndrome and all other iatrogenic deaths and crushing disabilities caused by medicine and faulty science. “Treatable form of leukemia”….what is that? Could it be a series of torturous chemotherapies and radiation that this parent chose to pass on?

Authentic religious families, meditators and the enlightened ones understand that passing from this dimension to another is just one more door we pass through in our joy to explore eternity.  Our eternal God-given sovereignty trumps the shackles of ever-changing man made laws. This supreme sovereignty permits us to choose to either stay in this dimension or not.  Every death is a suicide! It is just that it is either consciously chosen or unconsciously chosen-in default mode.   Whether by cancer, by accident or by an overdose…how aware are we?  We as individual sovereign beings will realize by and by that we have perfectly attracted the circumstances of our lives. We live long…we live short.  Some may choose to stay in a life chronically ill, cut up by surgeons and in ceaseless pain.  Others may choose to move on.  A child incarnating in a certain set of parent’s is tied karmically to those parents and in the domain of cosmic choice those parents are in their grid of alignment.  Totalitarianism is very close at hand when a State comes between a parent and a child.

Read article by CDC Paul Offit

5 thoughts on “CDC Strategy to END RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION

  1. VMV

    I agree with this article. I think the couple, Herbert and Catherine Schaible, were wrong, since their child died from bacterial pneumonia.
    But if I had a child with leukemia or cancer, I would not want them to go through the suffering of chemotherapy and radiation (and then probably die anyway). There are alternative treatments for cancer, and there are ways to try to prevent cancer, such as avoiding meat and animal products and eating only organic food.

    I read Paul Offit’s article. Dr. Offit and others who promote vaccines ignore the thousands of cases of children who have autism after receiving vaccinations or who are suffering or have died due to an adverse reaction to a vaccine. I remember my younger brother, who was born in 1958, coming down with whooping cough after his third DTP shot.

  2. colette

    they were right those vanice kill more than they do good..i will never have my kids vacinate …..they never was and was never sick

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  4. christina alvarez

    The complete disregard for the whole picture is infuriating. Sure there parents were a little extreme. But I don’t see what their children being sick has to do with a religious exemption from vaccines. I also do understand why they continue to limit rights of the rest of us over a few people who chose something they don’t agree with. My last point, unless the child is in an abusive situation where does the government get off telling us what we can and cant do with our own children. Its extremely unfortunate these children died, but if they did so in a loving situation with care and tenderness then why does the state need to but their nose into it?

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