Breaking News House Votes to Remove Country-of-Origin Labels on Meat Sold in U.S.


The House voted late Wednesday  (300-131)to remove country-of-origin labels on beef, pork and chicken sold in the U.S.,  WSJ

VLA comment:  Of course this also makes sense since China now owns the largest swine production in the United States having bought Smithfield.  The interesting good news is that Smithfield was using Ractopamine, a dangerous drug put in the animals’ feed, that has been banded in over 160 countries including China and now that China owns Smithfield, perhaps they will not be using Ractopamine any more.  Or, the may be just using Ractopamine for the USA market which was set up by Smithfield. See info on Ractopamine

BTW…the deadly drug, ractopamine,  is fed to the pigs sourced by the “natural Thyroid companies”. So, how natural is natural thyroid?

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