CUTTING EDGE NEWS: Is Monsanto contributing to the rise in PSYCHE DRUG Mass Shootings???


Studies conducted over the last decade have clearly demonstrated the link between adverse reactions to Psycho-Pharmaceutical medications and underactive or underperforming CYP450 enzymes. This has caused some to wonder whether or not the recent uptick in mass shootings and the obvious link to many of the perpetrators and prescription drugs could be related to the performance of the CYP450 enzymes. Additional research, however, is now causing more questions to be asked in reference to the connections that chemicals like Glyphosate may have in the inhibition of proper CYP450 performance and, thus, in the uptick in mass shootings. Read more…

VLA COMMENT:  This cutting edge information.  Mass shootings, suicides, adverse reactions to vaccines, Autism, chronic illness, diabetes, obesity, asthma…are the results of the body not being able to detoxify toxins through its natural major detox channel – Cytochrome P450 .  This field of focus on drug interactions on the body is called Pharmacogenetics.  Education amongst the medical profession has been suppressed by the pharmacuetical industry. Yet all classifications physicians  today  are prescribing medications without understand the status of the individuals ability to metablolize these drugs and rid them from the body.  For example, Pediatricians have prescribed drugs such as paxil, prozac, etc  to over 275,000 children 0-1 year old.  10,000 toddlers are on psyche drugs. 25% of American children are on psyche drugs.  Ritalin and Adderall, amphetamine drugs saturate our schools.  Children have to line at camp in the morning to get their daily dosage.

A simple test to determine an individuals metabolic status has not been made standard of care although knowledge of this drug interaction causing suicidal and homicidal ideations is over 15 years old. More over, there are a variety of psyche drugs that are labeled as causing “suicidal ideations” (A self blame syndrome), but the “H” word is not mentioned ( homicide (an outer “blame” syndrome).

This labeling suggests that the manufacturers are aware of  the variance in the ability of individuals to metabolize their drugs. Respiridal, for example, now includes Cytochrome P450 channels of detox in their package inserts. But who reads them?

It is further interesting to note that the cytochrome is “maturing”.  This poses the question of how do infants one hour old, 2 months old, 6 months old metabolize toxins such as mercury and other ingredients in vaccines containing hormones, toxins;  have not been studied for carcinogenic or mutagenic effects;  are environmental pollutants, and other xenobiotics, all of  which are metabolized by CYP450 enzymes.  It is also worth mentioning that glutathione which is ultra depleted in children with Autism is also regulated by this Cytochrome.

As the author points out, as with human life, plant life also contains this mechanism of detoxification involving Cytochrome P450.  Monsanto patents reveal that Cytochrome P450 is  key to their Round Up (Glysophate) herbicide, the killing of natural plant life on behalf of  the survival of their patented genetically manipulated companion seeds.  VERY IMPORTANT ARTICLE BY BRANDON TURBEVILLE PUBLISHED BY ACTIVIST POST.

1 thought on “CUTTING EDGE NEWS: Is Monsanto contributing to the rise in PSYCHE DRUG Mass Shootings???

  1. Jim

    While herbicides likely contribute to serious mental disorders, the rash of mass shootings are virtually all False Flag events. As a result, weapons are the issue rather than drugs etc.

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