Enviropig-Standardizing GMO Pig Breeds

Enviropig: Standardizing GMO Pig Breed

The Enviropig™ was developed using specific gene sequences from mouse and e coli DNA, which were further modified to work in a pig. In combination, the genetic code would trigger the production of a digestive enzyme (secreted into the saliva) not found in domesticated hogs.

The genetic material was inserted into a fertilized pig embryo via microinjection. In turn, the embryo was surgically implanted into the reproductive tract of a sow, and born about four months later. When mature, the genetically modified pig was crossed with a conventional pig, and about half of the offspring exhibited the new, stable, modified gene. The Enviropig is now in its eighth generation.  Read…

Current Status 2013

Apparently the pig is not working out…but the GMO salmon seems likely.

Michigan DNR destroys heritage hogs: Small-farm heritage hogs have now been declared an “invasive species” in Michigan.  This order allows the Michigan DNR to raid family farms with the
intent to seize and destroy their heritage hog livestock without
compensation.  Since swine raised in large confinement operations will be
exempt, this will effectively eliminate or reduce any competition.  The
Michigan Pork Producers Association is the co-sponsor of this state order.

Read Mike Adams on the heritage pig destruction

It is also to be noted that the FDA approved the drug Ractopamine for poultry, beef & swine in 1999.  It converts feed into lean muscle.  It is banned in 160 countries.  And unfortunately if you eat Agri-business poultry, beef and swine, you are getting that which 160 countries have banned (for a good reason).  And most egregious the “natural Thyroid” most organic and natural foods consumer take if they have a hypothryroid problem like Hashimoto’s disease is source from pigs being fed Ractopamine.   Check it out here!

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