2 thoughts on “Fluoride, Aspartame and dumbing down population (Agenda 21)

  1. Charles

    Ever hear of The Pilgrims Society in London and New York? Major execs of Big Pharma and board members are in organization founded by diamond monopolist Cecil Rhodes, acting for the British Crown. That’s correct—the Royal Family calls us “useless eaters” and in addition to World Wars, uses drugs to rub us out. These are the SAME people who ran the Opium trade in China out of British India and turned 40 million Chinese into addicts! That was Britain’s way of recovering all the silver used to pay for centuries of Chinese exports! They launched the first Opium War in 1837 and took over the port of Hong Kong as a result! DON’T bank with HSBC!! Before you decide it’s hopelessly far fetched, READ the documentary at Silver Stealers. Features PROOF the United States President is ALWAYS a member of this Crown organization!

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