Angelman’s syndrome: Brown University-Compound could restore learning & memory

Researchers at Brown University have concocted a compound that could restore neural functions in children with the rare genetic disorder Angelman syndrome and potentially lead to therapies for other diseases that affect learning and memory. The same mechanics that this compound may mitigate has also been associated with other disorders like schizophrenia, austim spectrum disorders and Rett syndrome, a neurodevelopmental disorder of the grey matter of the brain. Read more…

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Comment by VLA editor…Studies indicate that Angelman’s syndrome may be caused,  in the case of the ARTS program (in-vitro fertilization) by some toxic assault on the egg or by the ovary itself having mutated in the female parent due to childhood vaccines, chemotherapy, or psyche drugs.  Mercury has been in vaccines for generations…mercury was in 15 of the 39 vaccine doses between 1980-2001.  However, mercury was in many mandated vaccines before the 80s.
Although it is easy to test the sperm for genetic mutations, it not usual that the female will have her ovary tested for genetic mutation when trying to conceive. VLA does not know what this compound is…and so cannot endorse its use.

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  1. jamie

    Does a womens age have anything to do with Angelmans? My friend has an Angelman child and his exwife was 48 when they did Invitro…I am just curioous. I find it a little old myself.

  2. Editor Post author

    Thank you. I did finally get the “buttons” for facebook on our site. However, I don’t personally use my facebook account. Too busy with the main

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