Shiva Bhang, Little Green Hemp Gems

Letter from the Netherlands…

Shiva Bhang is a holy substance to enlightened Yogi’s. They use it
in their religious yoga practices. It is a marijuana product whose process was handed down from generation to generation by Indian Rishis. It was ritually made and used by people with physical and emotional pain.

Shiva Bhang is a little green ball, made from the leaves of the hemp plant. People would eat them dissolved in a little yoghurt. Shiva Bhang was known as a beautiful substance for helping people to sort out their emotional messes. It helped them being in their hearts.

These little green Shiva Bhang gems were being used in Amsterdam until it was outlawed.

Eating is the trick not to get addicted.The ‘ medical marijuana’ is traditionally being smoked.The tobacco will be addictive; the smoke will give you cancer and the dosage will have to increase to get the same effect.This will eventually become totally counterproductive. The mellowing quality of marijuana, used in the way of the yogi practices is actually very beneficial.

Taking away of Shiva Bhang was criminal!

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