Agenda 21: Nationalize and Federalize law enforcement


Nationalizing law enforcement

A few months after United Nations boss Ban Ki Moon called for American police to obey “international standards.”  (Agenda 21)

The Obama administration and its “Task Force on 21st Century Policing” are under fire after unveiling an unconstitutional plot to impose federal “standards” on state and local police forceswhich critics say is in effect an underhanded plan to further nationalize and federalize law enforcement. Widely lambasted as “Common Core” for policethe Obama plan outlines dozens of controversial “recommendations” to be foisted on state and local law-enforcement agencies using federal tax dollars as bribes — the same unconstitutional process used to impose the hugely unpopular national “Common Core” standards on states and schools nationwide. Opponents say it is part of a dangerous long-term plan that must be opposed. Read More…


VLA Comment:  Interesting that the call it the Task Force on 21 Century Policing!  Lines it up with Agenda 21 and the one world global government. Do it or don’t get federal funding!

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