Arizona Legislation: Parents must be informed of Vaccine Ingredients and Side Effects

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Arizona Lawmaker Wants to Mandate that Parents are Fully Informed of Vaccine Ingredients and Side Effects Before Children Receive Shots

The bill introduced by Sen. Paul Boyer, R-Phoenix, would require that any health professional provide not just the positive effects of vaccinations but also the full list of ingredients and side effects before a vaccine could be administered. He pointed to a list from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that says vaccines may variously contain phosphate, bovine serum, formaldehyde, fluoride, yeast extracts or human diploid fibroblast cell cultures (cultures of human fetal tissue).”  READ MORE…

CDC vaccine excipients (This is the CDC chart of ingredients)

Text of Arizona Sen. bill 1115

VLA Comment: Opinion letter Arizona Daily in response to Sen. Boyer’s bill by Eileen Dannemann, founder of Vaccine Liberation Army and director of the National Coalition of Organized Women:  Opinion Editorial Arizona Sen. bill 1115


This reflects an opposition to:


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