Bill Gates et al: Social Media Electronic Surveillance of all vaccine dissenters

surveillance-artAccording to the report, Immunization Information Systems gather information from the states about vaccination records to “provide important tools for designing and sustaining effective immunization strategies”. The objective is to get 95% of children less than 6 years of age into the system.  Read more…

But why should we care about a little monitoring? Because this is exactly the kind of information that has been used to take children away from parents for alleged medical neglect, to summon children to school nurses offices and vaccinate them against parental wishes, to fire health care workers who refuse a vaccine, and most importantly because it is private medical information.  Read more…

VLA Points on getting a vaccine Waiver:

1) Do not apply for a philosophical waiver.  They are targeted for elimination.  Once you get a philosophical waiver and the philosophical waiver is removed from the law in your State, you won’t be able to claim a religious waiver as you will have already shown that you have no religious grounds for the change.

2) Do not double speak:  Federal judges have denied religious waivers on the grounds that the applicant had a dual argument of vaccine dangers and religion reasons.  Speak only on your religious proclivity.

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