Congressman Ted Poe: US BANS INCANDESCENT BULBS: Requiring CFL lightbulbs w Mercury

Madame Speaker, I have a copy of the Constitution here, and like most members of Congress, I carry it with me. I’ve read it through and through, but I don’t see anywhere in the US Constitution that it gives the government the power to control the type of light bulb used in Dime Box Texas or any other place in the United States. Ted Poe

Federal Light Bulb Ban

A federal law banning ordinary incandescent light bulbs has already had a negative effect on the American economy — GE has closed its last major bulb producing factory in the United States, creating job opportunities in China.Legislation enacted in 2007 orders the phase-out of incandescent light bulbs beginning with the 100-watt bulb in 2012 and ending with the 40-watt light in 2014.

3 thoughts on “Congressman Ted Poe: US BANS INCANDESCENT BULBS: Requiring CFL lightbulbs w Mercury

  1. Muriel Poehler

    The Great Bulb Bilking smells of corporate influence on the US government. Somewhere along the line some company was interested enough in this to buy some serious government support. So far, that corporate investment is working too well. Thanks to Congressman Poe for speaking up!

  2. Tony Ryan

    I bought up a decade’s supply of incandescent bulbs when the scam was announced, and I now plan to search abandoned houses and remove the old incandescent bulbs. This should yield enough to create a healthy black market in healthy light sources. Of course, in subservient compliance with free trade theology, I must permit the market to set the price when I sell off bulbs that are excess to requirements 🙂

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