2 thoughts on “Wikileaks Documentary on the Rise of Julian Assange

  1. Rooster

    New book that fits in with your groups desire for honesty and openness about government abuses… THUGS, DRUGS AND THE WAR ON BUGS. It tells of the aids virus hoax and many government payouts to the cronies of the politicians. BIG PHARMA’S greed and corruption without concern for human life is rivaled only by Hitler’s assault on humanity in many cases. Seven years of research went into this great book. If more people read it, they would want to throw out more elected CROOKS and start the cleanup by making pharmaceutical drugs the red headed step child of whole food vitamin companies. The fox has been running the henhouse way too many decades. You can combine with wikileaks on the BIG PHARMA mafia! Enough with the drug stuporing of innocent people who are just following the brainwashing of the “legal” drug cartel in this country. Everything you do and publish moves people closer to understanding the game waged against the citizens. We need our freedoms returned, and that include total freedom of health care to the exclusion of any medical mandates backed by legislation from the yes men in government.

  2. Dr. Brad Case

    Thanks for the mention of my book “Thugs, Drugs and the War on Bugs.” You are right. The fox is running the henhouse and people need to be informed of the truth. Only then can we make the correct choices. Keep spreading the good word my friend.

    Brad Case, D.C.
    Doctor, Author, Agent for Change

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