Global Military for Global Government through World Military Games

Sounds like the ruling elite of humanity is resorting to gladiator sports. This video interview with the Oathkeepers indicates that the US is inviting other military personnel to come to the US for mutual drills. But what is behind and underneath this wholesome fun and games? Might there be another purpose? Perhaps the incipient beginnings of a global military for a global government so that the world military will be on the same page. I suppose we will have a military tax as well as a carbon tax.

Organizing a Global military for Global government. Nearly 100 countries are being invited to the United States for friendly drills and anti terrorist games.

US Military/police Training with the Polish Military on US soil. Boyscouts are used to pretend to be victims of the Polish army. Scouts training to kill terrorist instead of help old ladies across the street

1999 U.S. Military Athletes Prepare for World Military Games
About 400 military athletes and officials are preparing to represent the United States Aug. 5 to 18 in 21 sporting events at the 2nd Military World Games in Zagreb, Croatia.The World Games are sponsored by the Conseil International du Sport Militaire [French for International Military Sports Council, and better known as CISM].

US Dept of Defense World Military Games

2011 Military World Games A Precursor to 2016 Olympics

With more than double the number of countries as participated in the Pan American Games, the Military World Games is the Olympiad for the world’s military athletes. Held July 16-24 in Rio de Janeiro, the 2011 Games featured 110 countries, approximately 5,000 athletes in 24 sports, and roughly 10,000 volunteers. “We’re talking about something equal to the Olympics,” says Ken Polk of the Armed Forces Sports Office.

Growing Military domestic support role: issues to get more complicated as budget cuts reduce the ability of state and federal law enforcement and relief agencies to meet demands and the military is asked to fill the void.

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