2 thoughts on “Jonathan Emord Constitutional Lawyer on VACCINES (coast to coast)

  1. Matt

    I didn’t listen to the show yet so maybe I’m posting prematurely but there was something at the end of the text that really upset me and makes me not want to listen. I agree with the good lawyer that vaccines should not be mandatory but he is advocating for removing the dangerous ingredients of vaccines?! This is like Jim Carrey saying he is pro vaccine but wants them to be safe! NO!! Sorry but this is not good enough! We don’t need vaccines. They are based on a lie, which you might call the Germ Theory. The entire western medical system is based on this lie. The germ/virus is irrelevant. The interior terrain is what matters. Pasteur himself admitted this before he died, that he was wrong. We don’t need a pill or injection to have perfect immunity! We have it naturally. We just need to get the word out to more people of HOW to get it without pills or needles. It’s not that difficult. ALL vaccines, no matter how safe they claim them to be, are useless and dangerous and going about health and immunity all wrong!

  2. Editor Post author

    He is for no mandates. He talks about Oliver Wendel Holmes,jr. The Supreme Court Judge who ruled on the 1905 case that the courts use today. He was a eugenicist and this law was used to sterilize the not so perfect. Listen to the audio. Emord starts his interview about a third through the first audio.

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