New Federal Bill: De facto taking over Vaccines from State

Read Text This Act may be cited as the “Vaccinate America’s Children through Complete Information & Education Act of 2015”. Encouraging States to strengthen administrative procedures related to nonmedical exemptions from State vaccination requirements.

VLA Comment:  This bill is basically saying that any and all States will be penalized in a backward way. Rather than the Feds saying…”we will not give you money for your vaccine program if you don’t comply”, they say this…. if a state does not, basically, make it a state law, to force all non medical (religious and personal) exemption candidates to go to a physicians for the vaccine lecture and approval process, the state will pay a penalty to the Federal government 5% of its vaccine funding.  This is how I read it.  CAN AN ATTORNEY …answer the question whether vaccination is a State issue or a Federal issue.  According to the Constitution , can the Feds take over the vaccine program right of the states?  And can they play hardball like this as in de facto take over?

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