4 thoughts on “NO-KNOCK RAID: SWAT team disfigures baby: Throws grenade into play pen

  1. Matt

    Had this been one of my children, the next headline seen would be something like “Father of injured baby taken into custody after killing the swat team member that disfigured his child. A police spokesman says both men are still at the hospital while doctors attempt to remove the father’s clinched fingers from the officer’s lifeless face.”

  2. Matt

    And the cop who justified this attack said it was the drug dealer’s fault. This idiot obviously has no idea that his own government is the biggest illegal drug producer and dealer in the world. That’s about the intelligence level I expect of pigs, though.

  3. Marie

    I have no words to express my outrage at what was done to this baby–whether it was intentional or not–there is no excuse. America is no longer a decent or humane country. Americans need to wake up. What has happened to this family can happen to anyone. We are becoming a police state; the “New World Order” is not a conspiracy theory, it is a fact. We Americans are at risk of losing all our freedom. We need to become informed and resist tyranny; and we also need to turn back to God, repent and pray.

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