No Pharma Liability-No Vaccine Mandates: American prescription for Tyranny

Exploitation of a captive people and a prescription for tyranny.

Denying Vaccine injury compensations-denying legal redress-yet 130 doses of vaccines is scheduled for every human being by the time they are 78 year old and more in the hopper. Americans are required by law to use more vaccines than any nation in the world. Our nation’s IQ rating is #32 out of 49. (scale of best to least). The latest Supreme court decision that denies legal redress to Americans who have been vaccine injured has insured that compensation so needed by families to help with the burden of taking care of their crippled children…crippling caused by the “mandatory” use of vaccines is now moot. Clearly said…what is happening is a no liability card for vaccine providers while the government mandates use of dozens of vaccines under the threat of being denied a public education, employment and health insurance. SUPREME COURT RULING FOR VACCINE MANUFACTURERS 2/2011

3 thoughts on “No Pharma Liability-No Vaccine Mandates: American prescription for Tyranny

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  2. kibitzer

    Thanks for posting this, Eileen. An extremely important issue.

    It’s similar to what is happening in the UK, although vaccines are not mandatory here – yet. Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s book ‘Callous Disregard’ documents how an MMR vaccine, which had been proven to be dangerous in Canada, got spirited into the UK, and received ‘immunity’ from the UK government for any liability lawsuit, because the government took its use over legally. Thus, some parents, trying to get justice for their vaccine-damaged kids, spent a huge amount of time trying the judicial avenue, only to find out that they were suing the wrong party. The manufacturer was indemnified by the UK government.

    The public doesn’t know anything about this. So the situation is almost as outrageous in this country as it is in the US. Almost, because they haven’t instituted mandatory vaccination here. Yet. But they’re trying. Because we are up against an evil cabal of people who want to control the populace of the planet; and vaccines is one way to do it. Don’t be misled, anybody. This isn’t just about money.

  3. Ross Coe

    Pharma and governments did a masterfull job of denying vaccine injury, but as they became exceedingly greedy, their lack of morals and ethics have caused an obvious disaster to which they used all their scientific background to proclaimed vaccine injury a coincidence. If not for the tradgedy that vaccine injury causes, it would be laughable. But with the ruthlessness of a pathological liar and the lack of conscience of a sociopath, vaccine makers are somehow worshipped as humanitarians not criminals. Not since the days of Nazi Germany have we wittnessed such blatant disregard for health and life as vaccine makers experiment on consumers in order to perfect for profit product. Vaccines have never been perfected and possibly never will. The claim of safety is tarnished by the planned and deliberate act of not admitting fault for injury. Its hardly based on fact, its simple denial. Vaccine industry and supporters have used several weak explanations for vaccine injury and continuously attempt to blame the victims. When the Genome Report of 2010 reported that children with autism studied had genetic mutations that did not originate with their parents, it became a rarely quoted fact. Vaccine supporters are still tying but mainly implying that its genetic and therefore inherited. It has worked to a point as weak minded lazy thinkers have embraced it. But there is little evidence. But as we have seen, evidence and truth can be ignored or twisted until its unrecognizable and that is how Wakefield and Walker Smith were assasinated professionally and personally. But as I watch the lies unravel and the truth surfacing, I can only enjoy having a ringside seat as the perpetrators get their just desserts.

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