5 thoughts on “NYPD: Attack & Brutalize Wallstreet protestors Sept. 2011

  1. Virginia Young

    This is happening all too often! Shouldn’t happen even once and yet violent acts perpetrated by the police against citizens is occurring all across our country. Absolutely appalling yet not surprising. This is what happens when the majority of citizens are no longer involved in the Democratic process. And they expect the citizens to trust them????

  2. Jenny Goddard

    This is happening across the globe not just the USA, in the UK, we had a brutal police force attacking people at the G20, ( video on youtube, showed the force used) for no reason,in fact they used tatics that had not been seen before called cattling, fencing the people in one place and keeping them there all night, with no access to a loo, over 8 hours. All across Europe any crowds that formed in rebellion, were attacked.It is happening more and more, We saw this in Italy, Greece, Ireland, all part of the corrupt New World Order and its attempt to keep us in line

  3. Alice

    I am all for peaceful protest but many of these people are “professional” protesters who know to creatively agitate the police. We do not seek democracy. We seek to restore the republic. What you see going on here is SOCIALISM. This is class warfare. The problem isn’t Wall Street. People complain “the gov’t isn’t doing anything about it”. I’m NO fan of Wall Street. The people behind these “protests” are people like George Soros and if you think he’s your friend you are sadly mistaken. What you see happening is what FEEDS the police state. If you support and participate in a protest you MUST FOLLOW THE RULES OR THE POLICE WILL DO THEIR JOBS AND SMACK YOU DOWN. Don’t buy into this BS. Anonymous should not be trying to instill a riot. I notice their background image is the United Nations symbol. First big warning sign.

  4. dave karney

    We do have to remember that at alot of these protests there are agent provocateurs which are law enforcement members there to incite violence to ensure and justify violent police reactions. Protests must remain peaceful. It still amazes me that the Police protect the elite and the rich instead of the rights of ordinary citizens who are just like them. I agree that the left has been created and controlled by the CIA and the Ford Foundation decades ago and that George Soros is a horrible human being. Take your money out of the stock market. Get rid of most or all of your credit cards. Take your money out of the big banks and put them into small, community banks or credit unions. Barter, grown your own food, stop buying from big box stores, etc. Most of all DO SOMETHING!!!!!

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