GOTCHA! GOTCHA CDC soundbite obliterated by Dr. Paul G. King – THIMEROSAL

Dr. King has researched the efficacy and use of the establishment’s brush off sound bite…that Thimerosal is the SAFE kind of mercury (ethylmercury) and that it is ADMITTEDLY  methylmercury that is UNSAFE.  Guess What?  Thimerosal (ethylmercury) is converted, (metabolized) in the human and animal bodies first into UNSAFE methylmercury before it is further reduced to Inorganic mercury which sticks in your organs and brain, destroying your neurons. Read Laymen’s synopsis by Eileen Dannemann Read Dr. Paul G. King’s scientific study and analysis

4 thoughts on “GOTCHA! GOTCHA CDC soundbite obliterated by Dr. Paul G. King – THIMEROSAL

  1. Jenny Goddard

    Well, am I surprised- No
    I think by now I am very aware that the “The Government” has allowed without doubt every toxin, that has infiltrated our air, food,water, and anything else besides, to cause harm to all life form on this planet, but mostly humans.
    Cancer rates are 1 in 3, we are always told its our fault, diet, life style etc..
    Nothing ever said about Herbicides,Pestercides, e-numbers, colours, preservatives, Vaccination, with out the thousands of chemicals that have never been tested for toxicity to humans, in plastics, rubber, carpets, woods…
    I hope we bloody well wake up to this fact before we get to 1-2 for Cancer.

  2. harley hooch

    Write the manufactures of these products and ask them if there is anything in them that will harm humans. If they lie about it at least you can sue them. This is the only way we will ever end this.
    Quit taking vaccinations. They are deadly to us. People here line up for the vaccinations like a herd of cows. It is this kind of stupidity that is killing us. GENICIDE IN ACTION.

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