3 thoughts on “Occupy Oakland Helicopter video: 100,000 marching like worker ants across the bridge

  1. alex s.

    Its a real shame that OWS supporters arent aware they are supporting COMMUNISM by joining these protests. Funded by George Soros and the Rothschilds by way of Lucis Trust, ACORN, Tides Foundation, Open Society and Adbusters, these “days of rage” are EXACTLY the same events that took place in 1917 prior to the Bolshevik revolution which toppled the czar and brought to power Marxist ashkenazi khazarians Lenin and Trotsky. Both events started on Sept 17 with “days of rage” propaganda, and OWS lifted and used the EXACT same poster art from the 1917 revolts, and are now inciting violence the same way things progressed back then with these new “are you a pacifist” pamphlets and their banners saying “occupy everything – death to capitalism”. I feel so very sorry for those who have joined in these protests because the only thing it will bring is CIVIL UNREST which is what the powers that be are waiting for so as to implement martial law and bring about the NEW WORLD ORDER.

  2. alex s.

    you reply “so what” to bringing about the communistic One World Government? you won’t be saying that once they start rounding folks like you and me up for execution like they did in 1917.

  3. Sandra "the Well Seasoned Woman" Nicht

    so Alex S., you support the Koch funded Tea Party? the group that has taken the Republican Party to absurd right wing extremity? Which party set us up for economic collapse (hint: not the democrats, W gave massive tax breaks to people who didn’t need the money and started two unfunded wars and created an unfunded educational testing mandate)?

    we DO need to change how we run this country, which was founded on principles of justice and equality for all (All Men are Created Equal and are entitled to the Pursuit of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness). We could pay for it by making the ultra wealthy pay the taxes they used to (once, more than 50% of their income, look it up), eliminate the current cap on income subject to Social Security taxes (people earning over about $100K pay no more than those making $100K), and avoiding entanglements in foreign wars…

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