Police Brutality: New Domestic Weapon Blinds Protesters

This peaceful protester was hit in the face, full-force, by a water cannon during the 2010 protest against the Stuttgart 21 rail link. It looks horrendous, he has lost his sight.

The cannon, a custom-built Ziegler Wasserwerfer 9000, was quietly brought in from Northern Ireland ahead of the G8 talks next month. Up to 4,000 officers are being trained to use water cannon, ostensibly so they can work alongside colleagues across the Irish Sea at the talks at the Lough Erne resort at Enniskillen. However, with police and officials close to reaching a deal about the purchase of three cannon for the mainland, the officers’ skills will be invaluable beyond G8.

A fleet of six water cannon was used against stone-throwing mobs during the Ulster Troubles and in the marching season, and the machines are in use on a large scale in Germany, Northern Ireland, Belgium and other parts of Europe.  Read more…

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