Putin declares Russia will be free from GMO, Vaccinations and Pharma drugs


The Western government-controlled people are an “intensively vaccinated borderline autistic fat man slumped in front of a screen battling a high-fructose corn syrup comedown”, claims Putin who says that Russians “must be protected … at all costs”.

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11 thoughts on “Putin declares Russia will be free from GMO, Vaccinations and Pharma drugs

  1. Ivy

    Not a truer discription. Why do we allow this terrorism from our own government. Other nations don’t have to attack us just wait were imploding ourselves.

  2. Dorothy Brandes

    Thank you for letting us see beyond the evil propaganda the US has been feeding us since the cold war began. Compare this article with one posted in a Military Magazing

  3. jacqueline

    il a totalement raison. Nous sommes inféodés aux ordonnances médicales, aux menteurs professionnels de la vaccination , j’ai nommé les élus qui s’en mettent plein les poches à effrayer les gens ignares qui se font vacciner contre tout et rien par peur maladive ; ce sont des névrotiques qui ne réagissent pas devant tant de mensonges divulguées par les pub et des pseudos médecins . Nous devenons un peuple obèse mais nous n’arrêtons pas manger en surdosage parce que ça fait bien d’avoir du foie gras sur la table, de la viande grasse, du poisson plein de mercure etc…..

  4. Teresa

    If he said that, he is right! The U.S. will die with Autism, and GMOS etc. while Russian people will survive!
    More vaccines = more profits for drug companies! They are even saying that a mosquito possibly caused the small baby heads from ZIKA virus, but the truth is that pregnant women were vaccinated and they are not telling you this…..
    Pharmacutical companies are immune from suits etc. I wonder who allowed that? The establishment!

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  6. Editor Post author

    We are attempting to check this with the Russian government. Haven’t heard yet. Do you know it to be true or not?

  7. Editor Post author

    Good find. I emailed the russian government to confirm Putin’s gmo/vaccine statements but haven’t heard back. thanks

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