Ron Paul bill: Speech in Congress “We are being treated like cattle”

Duty of the government is to protect our rights not have immunity to act in a way that would have an ordinary citizen arrested and jailed. “We also know there are individuals who are making money off this. Michael Chertoff…here’s a guy who was the head of the TSA [now] selling the equipment”. -Ron Paul

Note from founder of VLA: A young couple (friends of the founder of VLA) who live in California and have prescriptions for medical marijuana and therefore are allowed to “take their medicine” in plain sight were at a beach party. It turns out that the Federal government has jurisdiction over the beaches. An undercover Federal Agent pulled them aside and commenced their routine to pat down. A woman agent patted my male friend down and when she got to his testicles, she lifted one testicle while articulating “left testicle, right testicle”. What is next? An exploratory finger up the ass?

1 thought on “Ron Paul bill: Speech in Congress “We are being treated like cattle”

  1. Dr Viera Scheibner

    I am old enough to have experienced two totalitarian governments/ regimes in former Czechoslovakia (and, of course per proxy, the actual German NAZI regime): the NAZI-style during the war and 20 years of socialist, the Soviet-style.

    During both, there was a lot of positive civil disobedience, when people, including the military and police, simply disobeyed bad orders.

    We looked up to the West as the bastion of freedom and democracy; how wrong we were. It is as bad or worse as those two regimes. When will people wake up to it? The problem is that people in the west are ignorant and gullible and naive. They actually believe the propaganda!

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