WAR ON KIDS: School are transformed to prisons- Must watch


Children are being charged as young as 5 years old. Incidences like a girl scribbling on her desk that can be easily wiped up gets escorted out of the school by the police. Children are feeling paranoid and being arrested and giving citations to appear in court for such acts as pointing a finger at another kids and saying bang. Watch this trailer! Buy the DVD and play it in your town library.
War on Kids website

Direct comparison of schools to prisons:

In an increasing number of police and police dogs patrol the hallways, children must go through a metal detector to enter the school. The new Federal CORE CURRICULUM (google) being forced on the States; 54 mandated vaccine doses by the time your child is six years old; the subsequent prescription psyche drugs to control behavior that is originally caused by the toxic shock and overreach of a mandated vaccine program along with the fearful and fascist quasi-prison environment-our chronically sick & purposely disturbed children are being dumbed down to the lowest level of compliancy and ill health.


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