The Wealth Watchman report on DONALD TRUMP


THE WEALTH WATCHMAN:  “Today I’m silent no longer, and am going to weigh in on the extraordinary political movement we’re now witnessing.  Ladies and gentlemen, the Trump campaign is set to steamroll the entire GOP nomination process, and become the Republican nominee going away. This is giving the incomparably corrupt GOP political machine daily nightmares! And this newest headline from Nevada just sent their terror into overdrive”

Why are the establishment pundits, the GOP political machine, and the globalists so terrified of this man?


VLA COMMENT:  This is the best article to confirm your vote for The Donald.  MUST READ.

Donald Trump is the only candidate that would veto any Federal vaccine mandates. The fact that Gov. Christie is now on his sign confirms that because Christie also question the rationale of forcing medical treatments on the population.   More over for the spiritually inclined here is some news…Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. practice Transcendental Meditation.  And if you have any belief that this effects 7 generations forward and backward…then you know what a blessing this is for his beautiful children to affect his frequency and his karma in this powerful positive way.  In my opinion all meditators and spiritual inclined persons as well as all people concerned with the state of vaccine policy should vote for The Donald.  Furthermore, Bernie Sanders has said that he is in favor, personally, of mandating vaccines, although it is a state issue.  He (Bernie Sanders) feels that the collective is more important than the individual and that vaccinating the population (force vaccinating) is for the common good.  This is a Fascist ideologyW

3 thoughts on “The Wealth Watchman report on DONALD TRUMP

  1. Redpill1

    Where is the statement of Trump committing to vote against any vaccine mandate? Everyone has been jumping on this but I have not seen any genuine commitment from him. Are people so desperate that they are reading tarot cards or something to come to this conclusion? Trump released his health Care Plan today and I did not read any comments on vaccines.

    Also, I guess it’s OK that people support a liar. Trump stated he didn’t know David Dukes and was not aware of the KKK when this article clearly demonstrates he did:

    Trump says he doesn’t know who David Duke is

    Trump Plays Dumb On David Duke’s History Of White Supremacy. Here’s Proof He’s Lying.

    Donald Trump Jr. appears with white supremacist on radio show

    So I guess all is jake with Trump despite the fact he is a liar and his son is a surrogate in interviews for his father with a white supremacist – as long as he mentions vaccines in his speeches because as of today the vaccine talk is just that—talk, lip service.

  2. Charles Savoie

    Trump says this, says that. We shall see. I voted for Romney last time out, knowing his bad connections (not referring to religious anything). If Trump goes against Clinton, I’ll vote Trump the same way I voted for Romney. But this is a great lack of awareness about Trump. I wrote a 7,000 + word dossier on him showing his incredibly awful connections, and no website would post it. Mind you, none responded back to say, “you’re in error on this or that point, and here’s why,” people are starved to have a good President, it will not happen. Meantime, where some good can actually be accomplished is at State legislative level, to block Federal power. Here’s a photo of Trump with Brooke Astor, widow of Vincent Astor, descended from the “Landlord of New York,” JJ Astor, who had an opium concession in China with his British pals in the 1820s Trump has tons of connections to the Rockefellers Additionally, both Trump and The Hillarious One are simpering fawners to Prince Charles, who regards them as his colonial administrators here. In all probability Trump is a member of history’s most dangerous organization, “The Pilgrims Society,” sponsored by the British Royal family.

  3. Editor Post author

    Just google Trump + vaccines. Since he and Carson agreed on the need for separating shots while Trump went further and said Vaccines cause Autism, since then vaccines were not allowed to be discussed in the debates or anywhere else.

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