Utah House of Rep. Passes Bill 71-2: NSA Surveillance inadmissable in criminal cases

Utah house takes first step against the surveillance state. Passes bill 71-2

HB0128 would make any electronic data obtained by law enforcement inadmissible in a criminal proceeding. This includes data gathered by the NSA and shared through the super secret Special Operations Division (SOD) or fusion centers. The legislation also stops Utah law enforcement from obtaining phone location data without a warrant.  Read more…

 ​VLA COMMENT: Utah is the home of the United States largest data collecting operation.  As I remember the huge facility was completed a few years ago.  It is gigantic.  It appears that the Utah House wants to disable the facility by turning off the water.​ But while waiting for a bill to that effect….

While awaiting action on a bill to turn off the water to the NSA data center in Bluffdale, the Utah House wasted no time passing another bill designed to thwart the effects of other actions of the growing surveillance state. The vote was 71-2.

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