WACO Documentary Film-The FACTS -A New Revelation

VLA Comment:
This is perhaps the most disturbing, factual, and revalationary film about the overreaching, aggressive, mean spirited implementation of force and violation every committed by the US government, by the ATF, FBI, CIA, Whitehouse, etc on home ground

This film drives home what is happening to freedom in America. The American ideal is deteriorating at rapid speed as we speak… concomitant with recent Bundy Ranch debacle and the current Bundy take over of the Oregon BLM facility in defense of Hammond family. I remember when WACO happened. But now I know what really happened. To see this film ASAP is a must…especially in light of the current Oregon stand off. This film could very well be your final death blow to your illusory fanciful imagination of America! Be prepared for the documented horror of what the US government did to the seventh day Adventist…Davidian branch.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waco_siege in print.




3 thoughts on “WACO Documentary Film-The FACTS -A New Revelation

  1. Robert Smistik

    She’s wacked. Federal land belongs to all the people of the US, not just the people of the state. This land was the land nobody wanted and the federal government bought this land at fair market value with approval of the people of this country and the laws of the land. If she wants to go after something, go after the fact that federal income tax law was never ratified.

  2. sstorch

    one thing not discussed is david koresh’s talents with gunsmithing. waco is about two hundred miles from mena airforce base on secondary roads where governer clinton was assisting ghw bush in shipments of arms to central america in exchange for cocaine. i think that koresh was owed money for producing some automatic weapons and this was a way for him to not get his payment and to silence him. it would have been very detrimental to bush and clinton…. just speculation of course. maybe if we waterboard bill and hillary we can find the truth.

  3. Cyntia

    I have heard about corruption on FBI, CIA, Clinton’s administration ,now after watching this documentary, it just the most shocking thing I saw , and it males me actually think if is hope in this world, for sure now,I know that Hillary Clinton is full of lie ,decisiveness and she should never be allowed in the government if is there any chance , for recovery from all the horrendous crimes it have been responsible for committing in this world. I came to really love this country but not what is showing in here.

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