Washington DC…Second best decriminalization law besides Alaska

cannabisOctober 25, 2013  D.C. lawmakers took more than 15 years to allow cancer patients to use marijuana for their pain. But over just a few months, city leaders have coalesced around a plan to decriminalize small joints, blunts or bowls full of marijuana in the nation’s capital.
Ten of 13 council members have signed on to a bill to make possession of less than an ounce of marijuana punishable by a fine of no more than $100. On Wednesday, Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D) said for the first time that he supports the idea. And on Thursday, the author of the bill and the office of the attorney general said they could agree to an even smaller, token fine of $25.
Such a move wouldn’t go as far as changes by Colorado and Washington state, where voters have legalized marijuana. Seventeen states also have eliminated jail time for possession in favor of civil finesof up to $1,000. If the bill passes, the District would rank behind only Alaska, which has no fine, as the most forgiving.

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1 thought on “Washington DC…Second best decriminalization law besides Alaska

  1. sstorch

    wow, they must be scared shit the people are going to revolt. remember the 1960’s? ‘i was going to change the world but i got high instead’. don’t fall for it people! victory is at hand the banksters are running for the dark corners in record numbers. the people rule! don’t forget! stay sober and get creative and beat these skumbags…

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