1 thought on “Engineering Earth Exposing the Weather Modification Assault on Humanity

  1. Ian MacLeod

    Well, we’ve certainly seen the “misplaced power”, and it was more than “sought” – it was carefully and deliberately USURPED. Presidents have been denied access to information on aliens and alien technology, off-planet bases and the extent of our involvement with non-Terrans. Now the entire Northern hemisphere of the planet (and an unknown amount of the Southern hemisphere) are being sprayed with metals and other chemicals that not only enable control and destruction of normal weather patterns that enable farming, but these chemicals are also toxic. They kill off the lungs of the planet, land and ocean, and contaminate food and other plants. They do no better for human lungs, and brains apparently. Television and movies are used for mesmerizing the populace and conditioning – to name it truly, it’s outright mind control, and it works. With what’s been done to education, health and medicine, the economy and the ecology and on and on, America and Americans are under attack, and we do nothing! Most are too caught up in working to live and living to work – Rockefeller’s dream; and our last nightmare! Washington D.C. is a fake “government” owned by and under the control of the Rothschilds and other “elites” whose stated purpose is to kill off 90% or more of the human race, and STILL no one acts. Those in that corporate “government” can no more escape the bribery/blackmail paradigm used to control their actions than a fish could escape an aquarium and hope to survive. This was done over lifetimes, and it’s the tale of the boiled frog: we ARE the frog, and the vast majority do not notice that the alterations to our own living conditions on this world have passed the point where we can survive the alterations. They CAN still be reversed, but that moment too is passing quickly! If we do not act to save our world and ourselves, we will lose the opportunity very soon, and humankind will return to savagery if it survives at ALL. Without outside help from a more technologically and spiritually advanced people, I see no hope for us at all, and that hope seems unlikely. If they were going to help, surely they would have done so by now. So many of us have sent that message, they MUST have heard it, read it, must be aware of it if they are really there at all. The answer seems to me to be that, for whatever reasons, they will not interfere in our destruction. At this point I can only hope, and act as I can and must.

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