Hercolubus, a comet-planet will bring great distruction and change to humanity’s substance

*Carlos Muñoz Ferrada (age 90), intuitive and gifted astronomer and seismologist, predicted with extraordinary accuracy numerous earthquakes in South America during the last century. He did this by making direct correlations between specific astronomical phenomena and various catastrophic earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. His most significant prediction regards the “future arrival of a great Comet-Planet”.

The large gravitational field that brings this new star, which hasn’t penetrated for 13,000 years and that thirteen thousand years ago was the time of the lost Atlantis. It will bring great change.

It shows a triangulation on the video.

The three spots:

Northern Mediterranean Coast between France & Spain
Southern Pacific Coast between Valparaiso (Peru) and Arequipa (Chili)
Java, Sumatra, Borneo


4 thoughts on “Hercolubus, a comet-planet will bring great distruction and change to humanity’s substance

  1. Rea Lastronomer

    This “gifted astronomer” got the date of Halley’s comet’s perihelion wrong by 10 years, and with all of his amazing “intuition” he fails to notice that if his magical bullshite planet were real, at the distances and velocities stated it would complete a round trip between the “dead star” and our sun in just a few years, not 13,000 years as he claims. I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that this garbage made it to TV or the fact that you swallowed it whole without any critical thought whatsoever. I really shouldn’t expect sane, rational, or critical thought from an anti-vax nutjob though. From someone who works in “big pharma,” let me just say, FU idiot.

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