ABC News Australia: Pro vaccine billboards vandalized


The campaign was launched three weeks ago by the Immunisation Alliance of WA in response to figures showing that the Fremantle area had one of the lowest rates of vaccination in the country. Both billboards have been sprayed with red paint spelling out the website of anti-immunisation group, Australian Vaccination Network. Read more…

What about Minnesota’s Billboard Campaign?

Popularizing IN-UTERO vaccines despite no safety studies – IN-UTERO vaccines.  VLA COMMENT: If the Nazis did this in the concentration camps there would be a criminal charge. VLA COMMENT: Unfortunately they don’t add…”However, you my find the vaccine-measles strain in the gut of your Autistic child.  Don’t worry.  There is no link!

Any one want some Vaccine Liberation Army stickers. We give rolls of 250 high quality sticker for free?


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