Brazil: Babies born with shrunken brains after pregnant mother receives new TDaP


WHO “Safety of Immunization During Pregnancy Report 2014

PDF Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety


Compare the above Report from WHO to this:

This “shrunken brain” issue in newborns was just suddenly in Brazil as if someone flipped a switch, and the only way that could really happen is via the sudden arrival of a new brain destroying TDAP vaccine, which all pregnant Latin American women are strongly encouraged to get before week 22 of pregnancy. This perfectly matches the probable arrival of the real culprit – a tainted TDaP vaccine, which if administered in May (when this virus supposedly arrived) would be causing precisely the shrunken newborn baby brain problems Brazilians are having now, right on schedule.

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1 thought on “Brazil: Babies born with shrunken brains after pregnant mother receives new TDaP

  1. Ang

    I would guess it is actually the pertussis vaccine. Due to the vaccine failures (acellular vaccine used since 95 – showing failures from around 2010, everywhere!)……………and the fact that the vaccinated are symptomless carriers, ie kids are now infecting the new born babies in the family, and the babies die)… the first panic reaction of holy shit, what do we do, was the cocooning theory, ie rejab everyone again…. in the family. This proved not to work, as those most recently vaccinated are more likely carriers. (The vaccine lasts an average of 3 years, longest before 100% failure is 10 years)… All mothers, fathers, now around 20? 22?? should have been “”clean”” ie vaccine long since failed, and they cant be carriers. By rejabbing these opeople, they again become carriers. That didnt work! Next? Mother cant provide these vaccine antibodies to her infant, in maternal antibodies, or breastmilk, unlike REAL antibodies…… She can however, pass pertussis to her infant, or the infants siblings do, with no symtoms. Just cant provide the natural protection…………… So next, oh shit what do we do from Murderous Merck et al, is, well cant vaccinated a newborn (it kills them), so how about trying vaccinating them, before they are born????? That is the push, every damn mother now, third trimester, is being pushed to have a damn pertussis shot. No trials, no reason behind it, just Murderous Merck, covering their biggest blunder, and not wanting to be exposed. The acellular vaccine, is a shambles……………….. already in the stats, is a spike in late term miscarriages, from this vaccine. No doubt blaming it on a new disease, is it that new Zika garbage? Wow, well I would say USA, is going to have a massive invasion of Zika, as is everywhere, these pregnant women get pertussis jabs, and I dont even need a crystal ball.

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