Childhood leukemia is triggered by immunization against diphtheria


Childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia is triggered by the introduction of immunization against diphtheria

Epidemiological survey for leukemia cases among “exemptors” and unvaccinated cases among ALL children should be done. Simultaneously, the transgenic TEL-AML1 mice should be vaccinated with the diphtheritic toxoid.

Elsevier Journal “Medical Hypothesis” 

2 thoughts on “Childhood leukemia is triggered by immunization against diphtheria

  1. Robin

    My four year old daughter began getting sick directly following her vaccination for diptheria, pertussis, tetnus and polio and was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia four months later. When I told the oncologist that I believed it was the vaccine that precipitated the onset of the cancer, she said: “You’re not wrong. There are always three contributing factors to any disease, and the vaccine could have been one of them. ” However, she also stressed that I should continue to vaccinate my child, as it was unlikely that the three contributing factors would line up again. She then she told me a horrifying story about a young boy, the son of a doctor, who, the very day after finishing his treatment for leukemia, went to a cottage where he contracted meningitus–and died. My daughter nearly died of pneumonia when she was five because of the immune suppressing effects of her chemotherapy protocol. All I know is that whatever decision we make, it must not be motivated by fear. My now healthy 15 year old is raw vegan, and I believe that by keeping her immune system strong she will be far better equipped to handle disease than if she were to suffer the ill effects of more vaccines. If vaccines compromise the immune system, then they are leaving children susceptible to worse diseases than they are meant to be protecting them from. Perhaps more research into safer vaccines is in order before developing new ones–especially for common childhood diseases like chicken pox? The HPV vaccine seems abusive and surreal–like something out of an Atwood novel. The premise is that if contracted, HPV may lead to cervical cancer–too many ifs and maybes–when the stabilizers used in the vaccine are definitely carcinogenic. No ifs or maybes about it.

  2. Editor Post author

    Thank you for your experience. I am very glad your daughter is now healthy on a vegan (organic I hope) diet. Put “Gardasil Primer” in our search engine.
    And put in “polio cancer”. I trust she is not going to get any more vaccines. Did you following the Doctors advice and give her more vaccines?

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