5 thoughts on “Dr. Sherri Tenpenny/Alex Jones DON’T MARRY A VACCINATED PERSON!

  1. sstorch

    Man, what can one say? We are in a state of war!!!! People, take up arms in the form of knowledge, in the form of self preserving action, in the form of community, people to people communion….
    just do it!!!!

  2. Paul Taylor

    I woke up fast….commonsnse and the way the world is dog eat dog!
    Goverments wanting more power as the devil is directing them.
    Mathew 24:14 on tells us its all going to end soon at Armagendon.

  3. L. Demos

    She loaded her weapon, asked me to hold him down, then she shot him. His scream still rings in my ears. He was not killed, but he is not the same. Now he rocks back and forth like a metronome, and peers at me out of the corners of his eyes.

    There is no accountability for them; there is however monetary gain. They are a type of New Age Licensed Killers; benefiting from those they kill and maim.

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