Flu shot caused serious injury: Ms. Mura (age 21) wins compensation May, 2012

He noted that the records indicated that Ms. Mura’s illness progressed from a demyelinating disorder that began four days after she received the vaccination and progressed from her distal extremities to her spinal cord and brain. This disorder made Ms. Mura comatose, quadriplegic, incontinent or urine ad feces, and she required mechanical ventilation, rendering her intellectually handicapped…

…the undersigned finds that Petitioner, Ms. Mura, has established by preponderant evidence that she is entitled to compensation. Accordingly, the undersigned finds that Petitioner is entitled to compensation.

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12 thoughts on “Flu shot caused serious injury: Ms. Mura (age 21) wins compensation May, 2012

  1. Allison

    How many people are going to be hurt by vaccinations before they wake up to the fact that the ingredients aren’t safe?! I want to cry for this poor girl who probably thought that she was doing the right thing.

  2. Tony Ryan

    It will not be until people realise the pharmaceutical corporations either know about harmful effects, or simply don’t care, that action will take place with governments. But the politicians do not care either so it will take a lot of public pressure before there is change. In some circles it is believed the ‘çollateral damage’ is a good way to reduce the global population; but these are also the people who proselytise the population crisis myth; a group once known as the Eugenics Society.

  3. Jenny Goddard

    What good will the money do her?
    Apart from making sure she will have the nursing and equipment, her life is Ruined, she will never have a normal life, all the money in the world will not compensate for that.
    When will people look at the facts and websites like this, and form their own opinion.
    They are in the UK pushing whooping cough vaccine on pregnant women, who will just roll up there sleeves and take it without even thinking it could do damage to the unborn or even terminate the pregnancy.
    Just a few years ago (5) they were giving TB to new born babies (No outbreak, just offering the Jab)
    Now mothers to- be get offered Swine flu and Flu jabs as a normal procedure.
    What a mad world, utter insanity.

  4. Judith M.L. Day

    We should be living in such a healthy age with an abundance of good food and scientific research as to what to eat and drink to be healthy. The old saying good food, lots of rest, reduction of stress and increasing exercise with maintain our immune systems, which will keep us well and happy. This is all too simple, but we take care of our cars better than most people take care of our bodies and pump into them too much quick fix remedies and then to add to the list, shots to “boost” our immune system that have many serious repercussions. What is the best answer? I really don’t know, but vaccinations are making many people, especially the young and elderly sicker, so I personally am shying away from them and trying to naturally keep my immune system healthy by following the advice that I have lsited above. It is working so far!

  5. Erwin Alber

    On researching the vaccination issue, I arrived at the inevitable conclusion that vaccination is an organised criminal enterprise dressed up as vaccine prevention by means of junk science. This article is further confirmation.c

  6. Vicki

    I wish the folks who write this stuff would proofread their work. It would give it more credibility. “This disorder made Ms. Mura comatose, quadriplegic, incontinent or urine ad feces”

  7. Don Rogers

    Aside from the horrific harm that vaccines cause (that I have witnessed first hand), I have also witnessed two attitudes prevailing on the two sides of this issue 100% of the time. The doctors who maintain the allopathic pharmaceutical status quo, they angrily deny that anything other than their “present treatment” can possibly be effective… (and their “present treatment” is in a state of constant refinement due to manifold adverse results.) Their attitude is a rigidly medieval “flat-earth” mentality, intentionally turning a blind eye to evidence-based-science and double-blind clinical-proof; arrogantly refusing to consider that they are not in possession of all the information that the universe can contain in their given field…AND THAT is blatantly UNscientific.

    On the other side of the issue, the doctors are calm, objective, easily approachable with conversations that questions their position. They are caring enough to take the time to explain the whys that led to their present form of treatments and they give hard, non-agenda, non-funding, non concerned-about-their-tenure, objective evidence to back up their positions. They display the mindset of a true scientist and a true healer.

    The mindset differences alone speaks volumes FOR vaccine avoidance and Holistic approaches to health in dealing with the “cause” of the illness, while speaking volumes AGAINST allopathic/pharmaceutical approaches of alleviating the “symptoms” which actually does nothing in the way of healing.

    What does give me hope is to hear of true doctors who previously had been rigid in their mindsets, arrogantly dismissing results… eventually having enough humility to acknowledge the steady flow of evidence proving that they were misled in their earlier, collegiate, more impressionable years. (“impressionable” = ‘if you do not parrot back precisely what you have been fed, you will not pass this course.’)

  8. Don Rogers

    … and I agree with you Vicki. I wish I had proof-read my comment before posting. It fails in several areas to convey what I intended. And I do not see a way to edit or remove a post once it is up.

  9. Jessica Mura

    Hello, I sometimes look up my name, to see the new posts on me, if anyone has any questions about that vaccine, and what happened, I have recovered some, and you can email me at atlpeachtree85@gmail.com or you can txt my cell phone at 678-378-4817. Yes, what happened to me was absolutely horrible, but I am willing to answer any questions, especially if anyone is struggling with the same issue! Thanks!


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