2 thoughts on “Military Highway Vaccination

  1. Tyranny

    The framework is in place already for this to happen with the Model States Emergency Health Powers Act. Push Back! No Matter how small we can make a difference. Join The Vaccine Liberation Army! Stand Up For Liberty! Arm Yourself With Knowledge!

  2. DL Rover

    Another tear jerking example of an unnecessary polio case aimed at coaxing ignorant parents to have their children contaminated with live polio vaccine,including carcinogenic SV40 and God knows what other crap.
    Of one thing we can be absolutely sure, all the kids that have received this oral witch’s brew will be shedding polio for days…
    A military operation of distributing vitamin C and dr. Frederic Klenner’s research papers (www.orthomed.com) would be more appropriate. That is, if Pakistan wants to have a healthy population!
    But I doubt very much that that is the goal…

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